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You may have heard the term before, but you didn’t really know what it meant. This article gives you an overview of what the car dealer “Buy Here Pay Here” is all about. You may have noticed that small car lots have appeared in the city or that car loans have recently been advertised with no or bad credit. These ads are usually for BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) car dealers. Simply put, this means the car dealer says you can buy the car here and pay here. However, this is not an option as this is a condition for the self-financing that the dealership offers.

The premise of the car dealer Buy Here Pay Here is that he sells vehicles to underprivileged people and finances them in-house. The customer then pays the payments weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the customer and his income and financial situation.

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Unlike traditional car dealers, who use third-party car financing to help buyers, BHPH car dealers like https://wowloans.net/buy-here-pay-here-dealership-near-me/ fund the purchase themselves. Not only do their customers have bad credit, but they may also have very bad credit, bankruptcies, redemptions, or no credit at all, Typically, these customers cannot finance a vehicle anywhere except for a car lot purchased here. You could say it’s the last resort to buy and finance a vehicle.

Buy and pay here Car dealerships

Buy and pay here Car dealerships sell used cars at a higher price than you would pay if you paid cash for a car and are usually higher-mile vehicles. The customer pays a high-interest rate and has to make a down payment. The used cars they sell are generally in very good condition and have been inspected, serviced and all necessary repairs have been completed. They know that when customers sell junk cars, they stop paying their cars, so they pay attention to selling reliable vehicles.

The customer of a BHPH car dealer qualifies for his car loan by proving his income and solvency and providing a list of verifiable references that know him and where he lives. The auto lot often does not even provide credit information about its customers. As a rule, the car buyer is obliged to personally pay for his car at the dealership each week and to pay in cash. Some retailers offer automatic electronic weekly debit checks, but not all retailers have this option.

If you are late with your weekly car payment and have not made an agreement, it is very likely that your car will be repossessed within a day or two. The customer is informed of the possible consequences for late payments, which increase the importance of timely payment. Enforcing the late payment policy at Buy Here Pay Here dealerships is usually very successful when it comes to keeping car payments up to date.

Buying a car from car dealerships is not for people who can get financing from a normal car dealer. It is a special type of agreement that should only be used by people who, due to their personal financial situation and creditworthiness, cannot buy and finance a car. However, if you need a reliable vehicle and have credit problems that do not allow you to get a car loan, the BHPH auto lot is the best choice.